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What’s your Athletic Wellness Score?

How would you like to know how fit and healthy you are? Would you like to know how you can improve your level of fitness, improve your game and prevent injuries? Now you can with the “Athletic Wellness Score” right here at Elite Squad Tennis Club! Come in and get checked to find out what you need to get and stay on top of your game. We measure 36 parameters of health and athletic performance and provide you with a written report with your score (Grade) and specific recommendations needed to maximize your athletic performance while reducing your risk of injury. Warning, this test is not for the timid or weak at heart. It is vigorous and challenging. You might want to ask your doctor if you are up to it. If so, please call to make your appointment. Plan on about one hour with our staff here at the club. I will directly supervise every candidate. Hope to see many of you.

Dr. James Filberth, Wellness Coach

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